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Marc Aparicio

An 88' Coupeville grad and a US Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot veteran (2015).  In his spare time,  Marc has been involved in the craft beer industry in many different ways through competitions, clubs, organizing festivals, homebrewing (since 1996), mead making, beer tasting, and studying to be a certified cicerone (cicerone.org).   He has toured the nation (Alaska to Puerto Rico) and overseas (France, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Holland and Italy), always looking for the best beer.  Marc's background is in Aerospace Engineering (Systems Engineering) and Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management). Currently, in addition to running the Taproom/Brewery, Marc works as a consultant in the Aerospace Industry, and teaches Systems Engineering and Business for the Naval Postgraduate Schol and Arizona State University.

Mitch Aparicio

An 87' Coupeville grad, is a technology solution salesman by day and rock star wannabe drummer by night, having founded the local classic rock bands Jacobs Road and Mussel Flats. Mitch is a seasoned 25+ year technology vet who knows the Pacific Northwest and Whidbey Island area industries well.  Mitch has been strong Coupeville community supporter since graduating form High School and moving back to Coupeville with his family in 2000.  Mitch is involved in the community through his church, as a coach, he has supported local businesses and the Coupeville School district through various fundraisers and clubs.  Mitch is a sales manager and an expert in Business IT Solutions, Mitch understands the need for community connection and local music / arts around the various communities on Whidbey, so we will strive to bring in the best local arts and entertainment.  Send us your ideas.