Penn Cove Brewery Updates

Penn Cove Brewing Company


Hey!!!  How about we start a brewery???   Keep checking this page for the latest updates on the Penn Cove Brewing Company.  Mitch and I (and our team) have been working hard on getting things set for our Brewing operations.  As you  know we value our community and customers - our goal is to continue to grow and continue supporting our hometown of Coupeville and Whidbey Island.  I'm confident you will be pleased with our plan.  Stayed tuned.

Thanks for making our Madrona Way IPA so popular.  Its so delicious!!!  And thanks to Bastion Brewing Company for the collaboration and partnership.  We will brew more great beers soon.


Twin Lagoon Porter - Coming Soon


Nutmeg Porter

IIPA - Coming Soon


IIPA a spin off of Madrona Way