Business Manager

Job Description

Penn Cove Brewing Company is looking for a Business Manager / Assistant to help with business operations

Duties include:

-acting as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence and phone calls
-managing diaries and organizing
-meetings and appointments, often controlling access to the owner(s)
-booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation
-writing and submitting invoices
-submitting travel claims for reimbursement
-scheduling employees
-reminding the owner of important tasks and deadlines
-typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence
-managing databases and filing systems
-implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems
-liaising with staff, suppliers and clients
-managing the collating and filing of expenses
-accounting entries
-miscellaneous tasks to support the owner(s), eg completing some corporate governance reporting (to ensure that the business is being run properly and complying with legislation and regulations) or conducting research

College degree in Business a plus
Computer Skills Required - MS Office (Quickbooks a plus)  

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Head Craft Brewer

Job Description

Penn Cove Brewing Company is looking to hire a Head Craft Brewer.

The Head Craft Brewer is responsible for all aspects of the beer production process and day-to-day operations of the brewery. It is a high-level role which can involve many different tasks including managing other brewers/staff, making purchasing decisions, meeting with customers and other businesses, creating new types of beer, setting production goals and managing resources.

The Head Brewer is experienced with the beer brewing process and is ultimately responsible for the quality of beers that a brewery produces. They are usually involved with creative decisions including where to source the best raw materials, and what kinds of machinery should be used in the production process.

They must also consider the marketability of the beers they brew and work in conjunction with brewery owners to develop a successful strategy.

Commercial or Home Brewing Experience a plus. Will provide additional training. 

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Event Planner, Marketing and Business Development Assistant

Job Description

Reporting to the VP of Sales and Marketing, the Event Planner, Marketing and Business Development Assistant (The Assistant) will plan, advertise and oversee events and activities scheduled at the Penn Cove Brewing Co.
There will be a focus on planning and managing on-site and off-site events, including pre-identified Signature events and new Special events, as approved by the VP of Sales and Marketing.
The Assistant will have turn-key responsibility, managing events from concept to completion. Includes managing scheduled events and coming up with new event ideas, to drive new business.
The events can range from booking and advertising for weekly entertainment, live music, comedy, trivia, karaoke, clubs, private parties or business meetings. The events can be for the general public or for private occasions.
Activities include, but not limited to, advertising for and finding the appropriate entertainment, catering and venues, set up and tear down, solicitation of volunteers and non-profit sponsors, and ensuring that the event stays within a planned budget.
The Assistant will understand and ensure each event is properly managed via Penn Cove Brewing standards, Liquor Board Control regulations/requirements, local county and state regulations/policies and ensure the proper insurance coverage is maintained to reduce risk.
The Assistant shall obtain all levels of approval prior to committing to a new event to ensure alignment with company guidelines and goals.
Approved events shall be adequately advertised, posted on-site, on the Events page of our website, as well as on Social Media.
The Assistant will solicit new events and work with local chambers, societies, nonprofits and other partner companies on Whidbey Island and in close proximity to Penn Cove Brewing Co events and facilities.
The Assistant will ensure the Penn Cove Taproom and Brewing Co is represented in a professional and responsible manner during all events.

● Plan, advertise and manage all in-house events scheduled at the Taprooms or at the brewery.
o Book and schedule all weekly entertainment, including Brewers Nights, music and bands, comedy showcase, trivia, art party events, clubs, open mic, karaoke, DJ or other events.
o Coordinate with each Taproom Manager so all approved events for that location are posted on-site on the monthly events calendar, 30-days in advance.
● Plan, advertise and manage the Flagship Events;
o Musselfest/Mussels in the Kettles weekend - early MAR
o Coupeville Water Festival
o Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival - August
o Memorial Golf Fundraiser -September
o Pioneer Farm Produce - co-market Halloween Celebration (month of October events)
o Planning includes all event logistics such as event registration and attendee tracking, presentation and materials support and pre- and post-event evaluations.
o Keep an inventory of backdrops, food and beverage dispensers, computers and other hardware and equipment clean and in working order.
● Create, plan and manage new off-site events that are revenue generating opportunities by networking with other Whidbey businesses to book new events such as conferences, weddings, private gatherings, business meetings, public gatherings, clubs or other Craft Beer related festivals.
o Event planning includes visiting the venue, negotiate and secure event spaces as required, planning, the layout of seating, logistics, decorations, including identifying any branding or marketing requirements.
o Write an event plan and coordinate with VP of Sales and Marketing prior to each event.
o Calculate event budgets and ensure budgets are adhered to.
o Coordinate with the Liquor Control Board, non-profit organizations, local and state officials, vendors, suppliers, volunteers and various participates.
● Develop, plan and manage selected charity or fundraising events for non-profits.
o Scope out opportunity and gain management approval to proceed.
o Coordinate team of volunteers to manage and implement fundraiser events, securing sponsorships, collecting donations and prizes as needed.
o Oversee fundraising events, ensuring all funds are collected and successfully donated as planned.
o Ensure all TAX forms are collected after the event and donation details are provided to our Accountant / Management.
● Plan and manage exclusive MEMBER events. 2X per year
o Coordinate with Taproom Manager for staff, or any other special requirements.
o Coordinate with Chef or vendor for any food requirements.
o Work with printer and designer to develop event invitations.
o Create a invitee list.
o Send out invitations and manage RSVP list.


● Manage Social Media ensuring all postings are timely and consistent with the branding and that the company image is professionally represented at all times.
o Create original content including photography, videos, writing the message, adding appropriate tags and posting the creative content on a regular basis.
o Initiate, coordinate and participate in all efforts to publicize events and drive attendance.
o Create content that co-markets our partnerships, highlight upcoming events, Craft Beer news, Craft Beer or Pop Culture Comedy and other promotions, or promotions.
o Advertise all scheduled events on Website and on social media at least two weeks in advance to drive attendance.
o Create and send out event schedule weekly to email Marketing CUSTOMER list from POS consistently on Sunday PM or Monday AM.
o Send event schedule details weekly to the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce for chamber newsletter and to Whidbey Weekly newspaper for print media.


● Networking and collaboration - Develop a working relationship with local businesses, Whidbey Grown Members, wedding planners, chefs or catering companies to drive new event leads.
● Attend community meetings as directed, including Chamber meetings, trades shows or other sponsored events representing the company. 

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Job Description

The Penn Cove Taproom is always looking talented and experienced Craft Beer / Wine part-time Bartenders.   We are growing so please apply if you are interested.

Will need food handlers card and MAST permit. Cicerone certification a plus.


Apply by sending resume to